What is Social Enterprise?

What is Social Enterprise?

What is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is a term used to describe a way of doing business, that aims to maximise the positive impacts in the world rather than maximising shareholder return. In New Zealand a social enterprise could be a charity, a company, a coop, a network, or a partnership. There is no single answer or rule about what is and isn't a 'social enterprise', but the most impactful social enterprises share a few common features.


Features of Social enterprise


The organisation exists, first and foremost, to deliver positive impact in the world. It can articulate what problem(s) it cares about and demonstrate some evidence of its contribution to a solution.


The organisation sells goods or services and generates enough money to run the organisation without relying on grants or donations (sometimes used to supplement income or increase impact).


Social enterprises recognise the complexity of tackling social or environmental challenges, aiming to maximise their impact in one area without creating negative externalities in other areas.


How can we help?

Campus is designed to support people working in or on a social enterprise or social enterprise idea while they are still early in their journey. There are many common pitfalls and mistakes that people make on this journey, and we are here to help you understand and avoid these pitfalls, and give yourself the best chance of success. You can read more about Social Enterprise here.