Campus Teams, Wellington, xx-xx August 2018

Campus Teams, Wellington, xx-xx August 2018

from 1,000.00

Campus Teams is for groups of 2-4 adults 18 and older who are working on an existing Social Enterprise project or developing an idea together. The programme is best suited for teams with some trading activity already occurring. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

On this course we will work through the major organisational structures required for a successful and healthy social enterprise, allowing participants to self-audit and improve their own organisation as we go. Please note that this course is offline and off-grid, so you will need to bring a lot of information with you (preferably electronically). There is electricity available to charge devices.

There is space for three teams to participate.

$1,000 per team of 2, +$300 for each additional team member.

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Teams must be prepared to depart Wellington at xxtime on xx date, and will be back in Wellington by xx time on xx date.

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