July xx-xx 2018 - Christchurch

July xx-xx 2018 - Christchurch

from 20.00

This trip is for participants 18 and older who are thinking about or in the early stages of starting a Social Enterprise. This course is available by application below, or please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

The trip will include the fundamentals needed to start a Social Enterprise, including both hands-on and theoretical work.

Participants can apply as an individual or in pairs. Successful applicants will need to confirm their booking with a non-refundable booking fee of $100 per participant, payable within 5 days of being selected.

Please see further trip details below.

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Trip Information:

This trip is led by Samantha Jones and Jason Pemberton, departing Christchurch at xxtime on xx date, and returning to Christchurch by xx time on xx date. Participants will travel together in a carpooling arrangement facilitated by Campus. All meals and transport costs are covered by booking, and we cater for specific dietary requirements on request. A full packing list is provided for participants.