We run outdoor training courses that teach people how to start a social enterprise.

What past participants have said:

"I came away having a better understanding of myself and what I want to do and why."

"Campus really changed my thinking about business and charity in general."

"Campus really made me reflect about the instructions we get in life, minimal viable product and the meaning of effective altruism."


About Campus
Campus Trips take small groups of people into remote locations to learn about social enterprise and impact-led work whilst surrounded by nature. Established in 2018, Campus operates as a social enterprise and is run by two of New Zealand's experts in the New Zealand social enterprise community.

Who is this for?
Current trips are best suited for people who are working on new a social enterprise idea or existing but early-stage social enterprises. You may be working full time on it, looking to shift away from your current role, and/or thinking about starting something new. The structure and content assumes that participants have a desire to solve social or environmental problems, and an idea of what they would like to do in pursuit of them. No specific experiences are required, although a moderate level of fitness and an open mind will make the experience much more enjoyable for all.